One Day until Takeoff

After a small mishap* I’m back in Toronto a few hours earlier than I had planned.  This meant that I flew the premier voyage of the Porter line from my hometown to Toronto:  way swankier and way cheaper than the ol’ Air Canada.  How much swankier?  No corn chips and plastic glasses of pop.  This was my snack:

That is a mimosa.  They had free wine so I chose the only palatable way to take advantage.  The glasses were made of GLASS!  On departure this afternoon there was a big spread, a cake and all kinds of media and bigshots (read: the mayor!) for this first flight.  The one only negative is that they kept everyone away from the food and didn’t cut the cake until after the flight took off.  All fine and dandy but that meant that those of us who actually paid for the first flight out got zip:  no cake!  No little flutes full of sparkly juice!  No skewers with bocconcini and olives!  I love olives!

Flying into the Toronto Island airport was SO MUCH MORE CONVENIENT.  The terminal was small, the wait for the “ferry” was quick, the shuttle arrived right away.  I do like me a good ferry ride but you’d think they would use the engineering marvel of a bridge rather than ship us all 150 metres in a boat.  Oh well, their poor financial decision was my lovely 2 minute boat ride.

Nerd Update:  I had mentioned to my family that I was considering a faux wedding band while in Kenya because apparently it wards off marriage proposals (maybe I’m at an age now when I shouldn’t be trying to ward those off?).  When I was leaving for the airport my sister enquired if I had yet found one and when I said I hadn’t she offered up a plethora of rings.  So did my brother.  In the end, the only ring that fit was the nerdiest ring on earth.  THE RING.  THE LORD OF THE RING(S).  Does it have a name?  Anyway, THAT ring.  I cannot stand LOTR but it will have to do the trick.  Hopefully LOTR isn’t big in Kenya….

*Let’s just say that it costs money if you book your one-way flight in the wrong direction.  I’m not going to say how I might know that.


2 thoughts on “One Day until Takeoff

  1. Beth says:

    a. I love Terra chips!b. That was an expensive mishap, I bet. OUCH.c. I have a ring you can use!! Plain silver band, for the same purposes when I was in l'Afrique. Um, I suppose it's too late to get it to you!?

  2. Would you believe David Miller was first elected largely on a promise NOT to build a bridge to the island airport? Toronto voters get what they deserve.Also, I think it's called The One Ring. And you will Rule Them All, I have no doubt.

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