The battle begins (first Nairobi Post)

The battle begins between me and the beast. The beast being my hair. There is a direct positive correlation between the size of my hair and the level of humidity in the air. Lots of humidity = giant hair. This afternoon I created a hair chart with a scale from 1 – carrot top to keep track of the volume of my hair while here. This afternoon I bought some local “hair”, which I believe translates into leave-in conditioner so we’ll see if something can tame this beast. Otherwise, it is going to be high buns for the next three months.

We are staying with a family from India: a woman and her two daughters who are a bit older than Hi-C and me. The two sisters speak English (and Kiswahili, and gujarati!) and we are quite good at miming with their mother (who happens to be an excellent cook). So far we have eaten in a very North American café and every other has been spectacular Indian food. I’m not sure when we’ll actually be eating something African but we can’t really complain. When we arrived yesterday the traffic kept our ride back two hours and we realized that we hadn’t written down her number or the address where we would be staying. Woops! Thank goodness she knew we can in at 12noon and not 12midnight. After eating, buying cell phones and minutes, setting each of us up with our own portable modems (which are of unpredictable reliability – I’m writing this in Word and I’ll post it when I get the internet next), we finally headed to the apartment. I was completely out by 1030pm and we didn’t get up until 130 in the afternoon! Definitely a needed rest.

The hospital is just down the road – we took a self-tour this morning and it is so much more colourful and full of beautiful outdoor sitting areas than Canadian hospitals. Everyone is friendly and every person we meet seems to have a relative or two in Canada. There is so much happening here but most of it can be explained better with photos. Tomorrow is the first day of placement and I’m guessing they will just throw us right in!


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