Sleepless in Nairobi

Another blurb about time adjustment: not easy!  At least I’m consistent:  consistently awake at 5am.  It wasn’t so bad this time since I was asleep just after 10.  But what do you do with all that time in the morning if you don’t have placement until 9am?  I have a suprising amount of downtime here because we aren’t really allowed to leave the house after dark and it gets dark at about 6pm.  We could, in theory, take a cab somewhere but we would need to know a destination.  We have yet to see the downtown of Nairoberry so that will be our goal this weekend (along with kissing giraffes!). 

Last night we got off placement before the sun set so one of our host sistaz kindly took us to the market and acted as our negotiator.  I haven’t learned anything from South America and still can’t bargain to save my life; I just feel too bad!  Let me tell you, this girl takes no guff and she takes no guff in kiswahili so no one messes with her.  I got myself a little fabric doll for 200 kenyan shillings – I would have paid the 450 she was asking but The Negotiator brought down the price.  200 shillings (or “bob”) is about $2 ish.  Plus a little wooden mask for 100.  Hi-C cleaned out the market and drove some mega-hard bargains. 

Our Nairo-fam has been treating us so well.  The other night we hit up the local Indian mall and the outdoor foodcourt.  Instead of waiting in line like chumps you just sit down and people rush over to bring you their menus and you can order from any or all of them.  We got some rockin’ chicken tikka and butter paneer along with my very first glass of sugar cane juice and our first madufa – a cousin of the coconut.

They are also passing along their chapati making skills to us.  The mom can churn out a perfect chapati in about 7 seconds.  After about a minute of rolling I usually end up with dough stuck to the rolling stone.  But I think they find our excitement over the art of chapati making entertaining so we’re good for something – if only slowing down dinner. 

And now for some photos of around the neighbourhood.

Home-sweet-compound – notice the barbed wire fence.

a street behind our apartment building

Chapati time!  Which is ftting because I’m wearing my new Indian shirt


The view outside our window.  One of those is a mall….

3 thoughts on “Sleepless in Nairobi

  1. Rosemary says:

    Yum – Indian food! You'll grow a lovely chapati belly yet and then one day … it'll just disappear. That's the mystery of the chapati belly. Looks like you and Hi-C are having a fantastic time!ox

  2. Lindi says:

    I love these! It's bringing me back! I know exactly what you're talking about at the mall with the Indian food. They do make excellent Tikka. I can't wait to hear more – I'm living vicariously through your adventure until I can go back, haha. Have fun!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like you're having a blast! I'm so excited for you and Hil. Keep updating everyone! Also, congrats on (so far) successfully taming your hair!!~Maia

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