Begin Again

I got fat in Africa.  I probably wouldn’t put that on the internet but it is topical:  running is hard.  Apparently I was taking a break from everything other than hanging out and stuffing my cake/pie/chip/ice cream-hole so today was my first run since I left for Africa.  Yeah, that’s almost four months baby.  For a person who loses her stamina by just looking at a donut and thinking about a couch this was deadly.  I felt those extra pounds hammering down on my poor legs as they TOUCHED when I ran.  It was nothing impressive, that is to be sure; a mere 4 kms but I didn’t stop and I didn’t get a stitch.  Let’s hope that thigh rub is enough motivation to keep me going.  It is disheartening (even if it is my own fault) to go from half marathons to wheezing after a jog around the block.  Help me stay motivated, friends (ie. ask if I have moved my lazy butt on a regular basis).

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