Redneck Thanksgiving

If it weren’t for guns I would probably have been fairly lonely this Thanksgiving.  That is a line I never imagined typing.  Until today I had never even been near a gun but my roommate and his friends are in the reserves and have quite the collection of firearms.  We headed out early this morning with a few vehicles full of guns and a bunch of guys with army nicknames – I didn’t even have to come up with my own blog nicknames!  Chachi, G, Fatboy and I headed out to Cookie’s parent’s farm to kill some zombies.  Cookie’s family was sweet and welcoming and even offered all of us turkey with all the scrumptious trimmins’.

Most of this can be best shown in a photo montage.

Lookin for a beaver

Found his dam.  Target identified (ps. no beavers were harmed in the making of this Thanksgiving)

It looks so hardcore.  I have no idea what kind of gun that is.

Another crazy looking weapon.  I also tried a shotgun.  And I’m pretty sure I never once hit a target. 

Main targets:  zombies

Lighting fires to set off the propane tanks

Apparently a propane tank won’t just burst into flames if you shoot it – it needs to be in close proximity to a fire

And the whole stump is now gone

What was left of one of the 6 propane tanks (only 3 were ever recovered)

Shooting water bottles mid-air

Whiskey the horse

So now I have tried guns.  I can’t say that they are my “thing” but it was an interesting experience – I’m glad I did it with people who really knew what they were doing.  And that the targets were paper.  Plus I got to see more of Alberta farm country and it is beautiful.  Nothing says thankfulness like a clip full of fresh rounds 😉


3 thoughts on “Redneck Thanksgiving

  1. Mom says:

    Katie you make your Daddy proud. He is out bird hunting right now.

  2. Vixxen says:

    This was the most surreal entry I've ever seen you post. YOU holding GUNS, lol I'm super jealous, though. I wish I could have been there. I miss horseback riding, lol

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