Tasty Edmonton

Edmonton is a city of festivals and some of them are very tasty festivals indeed.  The square outside of city hall becomes a showcase for the city’s restaurants.  Each participating establishment sets up a tent and offers two selections from their menu in miniature portion for a fraction of the cost.  Eaters buy tickets and exchange them for food.  So, basically, you take money and buy their money and then buy food.  It is all too easy for ones eyes to become larger than one’s digestive system.  And all too easy to part with this “money”.

The variety was decent – a little Thai, a lot of Chinese, Vietnamese, some Italian, some Mexican, Caribbean and good ol’ Canadian.  I took the chance to try Hungarian along with a little sauerkraut and it wasn’t bad at all.  There was freshly squeezed lemonade and deep fried pickles with fresh tzatziki.  Mini cappuccino chocolates to get rid of those single tickets.  The hardest to resist are things I haven’t tried so the white tea vanilla ice cream caught my eye.  The white tea flavour is subtle but a great undertone to a fabulous treat.  With a few tickets left I plan to try the local vegan restaurant and some tacos.

John Frieda (the company) had a booth set up to market their frizz-ease products and, let’s be honest, those words are always music to this girl’s ears.  Since there was no wait ShanWow, DIW and I decided to volunteer ourselves for a little up-do right there on the square.  Justin, a stylist from Montreal, gave me a mini Snooki bump.  ShanWow left looking even more elegant with her side swept bangs and DIW ended up with a spectacular braided up do.  Plus we all left with goodie bags.

Hungarian tetrapod sausage and sauerkraut

ShanWow engaging in her favourite summer activity

White tea ice cream


2 thoughts on “Tasty Edmonton

  1. Beth says:

    where is the picture of your snooki hair!?!?!?(also, my captcha is "ningfoo" – which i find hilarious.

  2. Like your hair style very much, It beautiful!

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