Monthly Archives: September 2012

How and Where

How did I get here?
Where am I going?

Less than two weeks from now will mark one year since the epic road trip with the parents out to the USA of Canada.  Then I started working and immediately the paychecks started coming and I marveled at my ability to support myself and purchase goods without (as much) guilt.  The plan was to move to Red Deer, complete a year contract at the hospital there, try (but not to hard) to get a job for when the contract was up, move to New Zealand if I didn’t find a new job.  Fact:  an SLP with one year of experience in Canada can apply for contracts in Ireland, the UK, NZ and Australia.

So how did I end up living in Edmonton in a full-time, permanent job saving for retirement?  The allure was the stability and the guarantee that these pretty numbers would keep being beamed into my bank account.  The allure was saving and considering retirement by 60 a distinct possibility.  The allure was a bigger city and a more “cutting-edge” facility.  Now I’m 27 and I have all of those things but when did I even decide that is what I wanted?

Once one finds oneself firmly embedded in the rat race it isn’t easy to get out.  Or even to know for sure if you want out.  It is a bit of a trap of accumulating things and security.  Now I have my very own apartment and I enjoy living on my own.  I enjoy decorating it and setting it up just as I want.  And tying myself down to one place.  The furniture I bought from kijiji required a lot of thought, effort and patience.  Each piece was picked to match my tastes and the vibe of my apartment.  The stereo cabinet was long sought.  If I moved to another country (or even too far around this one) it would make more sense to sell it all since I would have nowhere to store it.

Is this really what I want or will I regret not living on the other side of the earth for a while?  Right now, I don’t know the answer.