Christmas Crack

From all the various genes collected across my family tree and the various cultures attached to those genes I’ve acquired dark Italian hair, pale skin, a flat Scandinavian face and a list of tasty, tasty desserts.  Over the last few years I’ve taken up making Finnish Coffee Bread (pulla) but this holiday season I decided to force everyone I know to eat genettis.  They are a soft, fluffy and white white white italian “S” shaped cookie with a hint of anise.  The good part about being in Edmonton is that no one has heard of them.  This means, unlike in my hometown, I can bring genettis to a potluck and have people comment about how interesting and different they are or ask for the recipe.  If you bring genettis to a family gathering the Soo they are usually welcomed but definitely not fawned over and almost everyone can name a grandmother than creates a superior version.  Here, my version is the superior version because it is the ONLY version.  Check.I’ve so far made 3 batches; a test batch and two (unrelated) potluck batches.  Good thing I went for the test batch.  Tip:  cook them for the whole recommended time.  Apparently (because of all of the baking powder) these are not like regular cookies where you take them out a bit early for extra soft and chewiness.  Well, you can, but apparently uncooked-chewiness is not a pleasant characteristic when applied to this recipe.


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