Working the Christmas holidays (except the 25/26) has the benefit of saving up my most precious possession:  vacation days.  The downside, of course, is finding oneself on a terrible skype connection squinting to make out what the family members on the other end got and missing out on 50% of the jokes due to poor audio.  Maybe I need to stop being so cheap and buy a new laptop.  That is how I decided that you will find me at the West Edmonton Mall tomorrow (boxing day).  It made me feel a little “dirty capitalist” to even consider spending the 26th at the mall (shudder).  At first I wasn’t sure it would be open at all.  Oh what an old-timey space my mind lives in.  Not only is it open tomorrow but it opens at 7am.  AND it is open TODAY.

Besides all that I at least had a toy with which to entertain myself this morning.  My mom and pops spoiled me with a Nikon V1.  It is one of those mirrorless machines between a point-and-shoot and a dSLR.  And it takes lovely photos.  The instinct with this camera so far is to just let it work its magic.  You do the composing and the camera does all the thinking.  The appeal of that, so far, is the ability for the camera to take good indoor photos without a flash ruining it all.  Digging a little deeper there is some room to play with aperature, shutter speed, lighting and ISO.  A cursory review:  lovely.

In true blogger fashion I have used my snappy (har har) new device to photograph my yummy christmas breakfast.  I had been craving poached eggs and this was my very first attempt at making them myself.



Perfect. No nasty runny yolks.

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