The DapperDame does Canada Reads

This gal loves books and has grown increasingly fond of CBC radio over the last few years.  With this in mind is it any surprise I’d eventually tackle Canada Reads?  For those of you not in the know this is an annual CanLit extravaganza where 5 panelists of varying Canadian fame (“fame”?) select and defend a book by a Canadian author in a series of radio interviews.  The books are announced in November to give slackers like me a chance to read them and the big discussion to select an ultimate winner happens in February.

The hook this year is pitting regions against each other.  Since there are traditionally only 5 books the regions are:  BC and the Yukon, Prairies and the North, Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Provinces.  Here are the books (east to west starting at the top):


Apparently I need to address the grainy factor of my photos.  Also, the very astute among you will have realized that on of those spines is not like the others.  You would be correct.  One of the five books has yet to arrive so I’ve started reading from east to west to give it time to appear.  That puts Lisa Moore’s February first in queue and I’ve already tackled 1/3rd.

First Impressions:  This is a book about obligations and responsibilities.  It is about choices we make and choices we don’t make.  All of this set against the back drop of the Ocean Ranger mobile oil rig sinking off the coast of Newfoundland on Feb 15, 1982.  Although a great Canadian tragedy I hadn’t heard of it until this book.  The style of prose runs together, continuous thoughts, limited punctuation.  Typically that style does not appeal to me but I am giving it another try.  This story nuzzles itself right onto that soft comfy couch that is CanLit stories about Canadian families dealing with life in the great-Canadian-experience.

That is all I can say until I’ve had a chance to finish the book.  While I’m looking forward to the entire series my favourites right out of the gate are the coasts:  February and Indian Horse.  We’ll see if they hold up.

*A kleenex box for a) in case it gets sappy, b) I have a cold, c) to hide the mess *behind* the books, d) all of the above
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One thought on “The DapperDame does Canada Reads

  1. I’m pretty pumped to follow along with you on this reading journey 🙂

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