The DapperDame finds a a treasure

My day started with checking on Ida-the-cat.  The next stop was the ever-changing Strathcona Antiques Mall.  While browsing through antique bed pans, 60s retro lamps and Depression-era glass I received a text from the lovely ShanWoww to invite me to…the Strathcona Antiques Mall!  What are the odds?  After waxing nostalgic for a while we headed to Block 1912, a new-to-me cafe on trendy Whyte Ave.  Go for the atmosphere, not so much for the prices.  Expect to pay high prices for mediocre offerings but a lovely place to sit and enjoy it.

Trying this new place I was rewarded with a surprise.  Reading on a comfy couch I noticed that the coffee table holding my latte was actually a chest with a drawer.  Being the nosy person that I am I opened the drawer.  Apparently that is a natural reaction because this is what I found:


For at least the last 5 years people have been creating this little time capsule of poems, jokes, memories, messages and sketches.  I could have spent the whole afternoon in there but I’ll save something for my next visit.  It felt like I had found something sacred and secret.  Every few minutes I would glance around the room – “Had anyone noticed what I was doing?” – the napkins are in a public space but felt private somehow, like I was snooping.


Someone didn’t appreciate Bryce’s contribution.


I don’t have a dog. Whew.


I’m glad Jen Sipi found what she was looking for.


Maybe this person should grow some balls him/herself and do the asking. I wonder if they ever got their date…


Forest girl – so many possible connotations. A fairy? Survivorwoman? Someone who graduated from forestry studies? A mystery.


People, zombies are over. In fact, it doesn’t matter when you wrote this – they were so over then, too.


Not exactly how I would want to be remembered in a time capsule.


Some advice. Advice I can attest to being all too true.


A love story. Sometimes it does work out.


“I want to see more French (or less)” – am I an expert translator? English definitely dominated the drawer.


A napkin update from a Trekkie.


The end. But they’ll be there waiting for you.

What would you write?

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4 thoughts on “The DapperDame finds a a treasure

  1. quipstress says:

    I like the idea of the drawer. I’ll have to go and check it out some day.As for what would you write, who knows. I guess I’d have to be there in the moment to know. I’d probably doodle something.

    • katievikken says:

      I guess it is tough to know what one would write – almost all the messages were time-specific; something that was on their mind, something relevant to their lives at that one moment. Funny how I would write something different each time I encounter it.

  2. Lindi says:

    I really want to go here next time I’m in Edmonton! What an interesting find. I doubt I would have opened the drawer in the first place… look at everything I would’ve missed out on!

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