The DapperDame Hosts (Again)

Since I started with couchsurfing I have been off-and-on active.  Now that I have my own place I’ve been able to participate more (although I get much fewer requests in Edmonton than in Toronto).  So far I have hosted people from:

South Africa
United States

Using 196 as the number of countries in the world then I have hosted people from 3.6% of the world’s countries.  I love collecting!

This weekend I had the good fortune of hosting “N” from Japan.  She accompanied me to the Human Library, we went climbing (twice!), to the Duchess (d’uh), to China town for some bubble tea and general perusing and a quick trip to the West Edmonton Mall**.  She cooked me a lovely meal of noodles and dumplings, left me the cutest card and introduced me to a new band that I’m totally digging right now.  Watch Shugo Tokumaru’s fun video:




Pay close attention to the first ingredient.



*A debated figure – there are 193 countries in the UN, plus Vatican City, Kosovo (not yet members) and Taiwan

**I have been instructed multiple times by ShanWow that I am not to refer to the West Edmonton Mall by its full name in the company of Edmontonians.  It is to be “the mall” or “west ed”.

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