Quotes from “The Age of Hope”

The Age of Hope is a novel by David Bergen that I read as part of Canada Reads 2013.  I reviewed the book here but wanted to include some quotes and thought the review itself was already a tad wordy.

Some quotes that I appreciated:

Hope Koop (the main character) and her then-fiance Roy are living in Manitoba in the early 1950s when Roy takes Hope to make a car sale across the US border.  They spend the night at the buyer’s home with his family and talk over dinner.

“…with much conversation that eventually turned to politics and then religion, which had been quite interesting because it turned out that the doctor was an atheist.  Hope was especially curious about his lack of belief.
‘Not a lack of belief,’ he had clarified. ‘I believe in humanity, in caring for one another, in the continuation of the species.  I just don’t believe in God.”

That clarification was a nice touch.

She had another quote about books being pretentious and selfish because you accomplish only something for yourself by reading and not something measurably productive however I can’t find it so here is another similar-but-different quote.

Hope’s thoughts after her friend, Emily, shares the latest high-minded book out of New York whose author Hope doesn’t recognize to the open dismay of Emily.

“On the other hand, she wondered if there wasn’t entirely too much thinking going on and not enough work.  Work was good for the soul.  Thinking sometimes confused the heart.  Leisure, as Roy said, was a luxury that shouldn’t be overindulged, and for once Hope agreed.”

Nothing revolutionary just a reminder to myself that I can be a little too cerebral at times and scrubbing the floors or doing something physically (not just intellectually) productive could get me out of my own head sometimes.


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