The Dapperdame Can Lead

There are three basic types of climbing:  bouldering (no rope, not very high), top roping (the rope is anchored above at all times), lead climbing (you bring your own rope and hook it as you go).  I’ve still been making it out to the climbing gym about 3 times a week and it has been split between bouldering and top-roping working on 5.10s (although not very well).

So one of my climbing buddies, Sister Act, that I met in the climbing class that started this obsession wants to take the next class for climbing outdoors.  The catch was that I couldn’t sign up without my lead belay certificate and there were only 3 spots left.  Crunch time.  So after a refresher on Friday, Sister Act and I went to the wall tonight and got me my LEAD.  That’s right, I can LEAD climb.  LEAD.  Should I mention it rhymes with tweed and not sped?

Then I promptly strolled over to the counter, whipped out my avion card and…was told that the class filled up yesterday.  At least it finally inspired me to move to a whole new challenge.  Sister Act and I then proceeded to very timidly try out our new lead belay skills.  All of a sudden I find myself afraid to fall off the wall.  But the fear was conquered on a second attempt of a….5.8.  I guess no daring routes on lead quite yet.  Back to the basics.

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