The DapperDame take Vegas by Light Drizzle

For 5 days ShanWow and I unleashed our old lady ways on Las Vegas, Nevada.  Which means I get to check another state off of my been-to list (taking it up to 10/50).  Las Vegas is an intense place and a place I was interested to see for myself but glad there was a conference as an ulterior motive.  There is so much to see but it ends up being casinos and fancy stores where I can’t afford the keychains (or cheesy keychain and magnet stores).

Since I wasn’t interested in snow globes and I can’t afford Gucci I came home with one souvenir:


Ceramic, balloon shaped booze holder

Classy, right?  I thought it would go better on my hutch than a plastic guitar


1. Scoping someone (aka using a rigid endoscopy camera to view their vocal folds!) at the conference

2. The Titanic exhibit at The Luxor – real artifacts, facts on real passengers, nighttime replica of the deck complete with cool air and “stars”, and a giant chunk of the hull.  Yep, the Luxor even bought the Titanic.

3. Blue Man Group – a very interactive show with visual percussion, floaty eye balls and a truly impressive round of chubby bunny

4.  Don’t Tell Mama piano bar on the old strip – singing bartenders and a very chill vibe made this a good contrast to almost everything else in the city

5.  Cinna-stack pancakes at IHOP – this was my favourite culinary experience in the city.  No regrets getting off The Deuce for a pit stop at that great American diner.

Lowlights:  Really, there are no overtly negative memories but some things were a little “blah”

1. Slot machines get boring fast – and $20 goes quickly as the machine teases you with a little influx and then down, back up, down but you know you aren’t getting your money back.  Plus it is depressing when it costs $11 to take $40 out of the bank.  Snap!

2.  No poker – there was a $100 buy-in poker tournament open to anyone in the conference and I chickened out.  It was a big price (for me) and I didn’t know anyone playing but it would have been good to network and probably just fun.

3.  Missing the last few lectures at the conference – to save money and vacation time we left mid-day on Tuesday and skipped some interesting talks.

4.  No grand canyon – we were all conference and no canyon.  Logistics won out but this would have been something more my style.

A photo essay


Fremont Street aka Old School Vegas


Take your pick – buy a 4 foot bong-shaped receptacle, choose a slush, add booze – walk around on street drinking and looking….awesome.


ShanWow, Dopey and the best menu on earth


IHop offers choices (ones that are more impressive if you don’t actually eat them). #underwhelmed


One of the many lobbies…Caesar’s?


Outside the Venetian.


Mama gypsy eyeball and baby chirpy eyeball at the Blue Man show.



A wall of every M&M colour ever created.


Can I check New York off my list?


Our perfectly-acceptable-and-not-a-lot-more hotel


We ran into quite a few celebrities


Can I check Paris off my list?


This one is for the sister – in the handprints of Samuel L. Jackson


Bonus – did we mention that we got free food and beer (that we were too full to eat/drink) to be extras in an MLive TV shoot to air in all M hotels in April.  That is just one step before fame.  Don’t know what MLive TV is?  Well, neither do I.

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