The DapperDame gets Maimed

Climbing can be tough on the hands.  I don’t get blisters nearly as often anymore but I’ve started having another problem:  flappers.  Not the 1920s dancer but a flap of calloused skin that mostly calls it quits but hangs on for dear life.  It leaves a bit patch of raw skin underneath that isn’t very conducive to hanging off of fake rocks.  The most recent one came at the end of a great sessions last night.  SisterAct and I have been helping each other conquer our very overt and pathetic terror of lead climbing [and falling].  We took a bit step last night and went for some more difficult moves and allowed ourselves to fall.  Guess what?  It wasn’t so bad.  And we got further into a pretty fun route.

To train for the endurance and balance needed for clipping rope during lead climbs we like to end our sessions climbing across a cave roof to practice footing and endurance.  I got further than I had yet without falling off but I paid with my palm skin.

**warning** kinda gross




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