The DapperDame heads East (and Back)

With a three day weekend for Easter I decided to help Otto reach 20,000km and spend 16 hours driving to Regina and back over three days.  It was worth it to spend time with those nutty-but-loveable relatives the “Berries”.  The family welcomed me with big hugs and a very tasty Easter dinner.  It was a great weekend for someone who just turned 28 and was feeling a little fuddy-duddy.  Since 3 of the 4 cousins are still under 18 we all got to partake in the fun parts like egg decorating/hunting, easter baskets and Saturday shopping trips at the mall.  My 14 year-old cousin has managed to dig up seasons of Full House and Boy Meets World – apparently my childhood is so in right now.  The jumpsuits!  Auntie CinBin is always a good source for healthy-eating a pesticide-avoiding information.  I went from barely washing my veggies (gasp!) to walking out of a health store with fruit-N-veggie wash that is currently soaking and healthing-up my spinach in my neeeeeeeew salad spinner.  I can’t be a vegan without a salad spinner.  Not only was I spoiled with my very own easter bunny and eggs (and grape scented bubbles!) but my basket boasted almond butter and pistachios.

Edit:  In the three times I’ve been to Regina I hadn’t really seen any of the city itself; we generally chill at the house or stay nearby.  This time I was determined to actually experience something in the city.  Although we made it to the legislature for the highly anticipate free tour we were turned away for lunch breaks and never made it back.  Goal for next visit:  Saskatchewan Legislature.  Easily the highlight of the city itself was Dessarts.  It was an old-style candy store with a great variety of imported and old-timey candies but the best part was the ice cream offerings.  Smoothies, shakes, 20 flavours of soft serve AND…wait for it…spiced soft serve!  Despite having eaten dinner there was no way I was passing up cardamom ice cream and it was worth every split stitch.








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