Vegan Challenge Days 1 & 2

The big first day has come and gone and day 2 is well underway.  Already there has been a rise in leafy-greens consumption.  Trending.  Yesterday I started the day with a lovely bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon, sugar, ground flax and almond milk added for yumminess.  No major changes there.  Lunch was beluga lentil dal and an apple.  Ambrosia, if you must know.  I opted out of my Tim’s as I walked in to work but realized a vegan goal of mine to get a soy latte.  It turns out that soy milk, when heated to insane temperatures with steam, turns into a toxic concoction of unspeakable chemical-ness.  Never again.  Worst $4.30 I ever spent.  At that price it is better that I hated it.  Coffee will be saved for special occasions when almond milk is available.

Dinner was a salad with apple, tomato and ginger tempeh with ginger dressing.  Drool.  Tempeh is scrumptious.  A new favourite food!  So much tangier and a way better texture than its slimy half-brother tofu.

Avoiding the big blatant stuff has been fairly easy and obvious.  It is the ingredients that are borderline (honey) or confusing.  Since I hadn’t really decided about the honey I’ve decided not to worry too much about it.  The salad dressing was in my fridge and it was vegan other than the honey so I went for it.  No true animal parts consumed but there were bee labourers.  After work today I stopped at the grocery store to grab some lettuce and wandered around to do some label reading.  The scariest part is how many ingredients in my FOOD that I don’t recognize.  Most bread had to be put back down because the last few lines were completely unrecognizable as animal, vegetable or mineral.  I’m guessing something labeled as “dimethylhypochondriate” is going to end up being something squeezed out of a rare mushroom and more likely to be a hidden animal byproduct or something being “recycled” from our lovely petroleum industry.

Next goal:  label literacy.

3 thoughts on “Vegan Challenge Days 1 & 2

  1. Cindy Bindy says:

    I would love to have your recipe for Beluga lentil dal. It is getting harder for us to get lettuce here. Imagine over $2 for wilted lettuce…instead I decided to try some watercress and we are eating lots of cucumber as it has been quite cheap. I have had to put the stop sign up for Marie and her eating cilantro out of the bag. That, too, has disappeared from the store shelves and we are hanging on to our few leaves left. Guess you are having the same temperatures as us? -27C with the winde this am…we broke another record. Luv ya, girlie!

  2. Beth says:

    I bet you can make your own vegan bread very easily!!

    Something like this:

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