The DapperDame is (Hopefully) a Little More Prepared

Week one in veganhood recap:  I feel pretty good.  Of course, the fact that I started the week with a terrible cold and have now ended it with just a hint of a cough means I was going to feel better in general.  It ended up being easier to say no to the usual temptations than I thought.  I read a quote in “Mainstreet Vegan” that basically said they read labels but not in public.  What they meant was if they were out at a party or at a friend’s house and something wasn’t definitely vegan they just preferred to decline politely instead of asking repeated questions about everything (did you cook it with butter? what brand of sugar did you use?) or asking to read labels.

That leads me to the most difficult food experience of the week:  the work potluck.  Bowls and bowls of scrumptious looking food and most of it made up of things I have decided to forgo.  I brought my own lentil dal and a friend offered some quinoa salad that she listed off the ingredients for without my asking.  Another lovely office-mate who knew about my recent dietary preferences even made some yummy date-cocnut balls so that I could partake in dessert as well.  Overall, I left without that heavy feeling of over-indulging and only a bit of regret at all the delicious-looking dishes I didn’t get to try.

How vegan was I?  I’ve allowed myself a few things at home that I had already purchased and had honey in them.  On my first trip to the grocery store I found that I’d often get through the ingredient list thinking:  yay!  No eggs, no sneaky milk products, safe!  Only to find that so many products have warnings of “may contain eggs, milk, etc”.  Since I don’t have an actual allergy I was going to allow those items but decided that they were mostly things I either don’t need or for which there is a brand or substitute that doesn’t have the warning.

Week 2 Food Plan

Breakfast:  banana bread is currently being baked.  When that runs out it is back to oatmeal with sugar, cinnamon, ground flax and almond milk

Lunch:  there is a giant pot of Moroccan Tagine with Spring Vegetables on the stove, a recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance.  That plus an apple will do just nicely.  It is an aromatic mix of red lentils, spinach, zucchini, tomatoes, onions and spices.

Dinner:  kale was on sale (rhyme!) so kale salad with apple, sunflower seeds, tomatoes and coconut curry tempeh.  I’m a bit afraid I’ll tire of all the kale.

Treats/snacks:  right now I’m simmering a pot of hot chocolate to stifle my cravings for a hot beverage.  I have pita and babaganouj for the munchies.

Surprisingly, after just a week I find my tastes already changing to prefer naturally sweet things.  Date rolls and raisins suddenly look so good.  Even raw zucchini, something I thought I abhorred, was pleasantly tangy.


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