The Dapperdame Hobbles

A bunch of weeks down and one more week to go.  Over the past week I finally started to develop the cravings for all things off-limits; the cravings I expected would start on the second or third day waited a few weeks.  Mostly it was the baking all over the nursing units but the block of fudge in my fridge was causing me to keep the door open a little longer every time I went to get some almond milk: no one  would know.  A funny thing to tell myself when others could care less if I ingest dairy products, the challenge is all mine.  But the cravings came and I avoided the “no” foods but, trust me, if you stand reading packages in the grocery aisles long enough you can find products of pure fat and carbs with no nutritional value and are still technically entirely “plant-based”.

This week’s culinary adventure is ratatouille.  After pinteresting for a while I came across a pretty dish that I’ll pair with a friend’s yummy tofu recipe and some sweet potato fries.  The obligatory oatmeal breakfast.  Salads (with black beans and veggies) for dinners.  One more week.

What is my reward at the end?  I trip home to see my family!  And a lovely stopover in Toronto for one day.  5 more sleeps!

The one damper on the past few weeks and on my vacation time is my limited mobility.  My ankle is healing slowly and walking remains slow but worse than the turtle-pace is the time limit before real discomfort sets in. I’ve got about 3-4 hours on my feet and then they start to ache – both of them because I’m now walking funny on the left because of the sprain in the right.  The first visit with a physio this week brought some crushing news:  6 weeks total (4 more weeks) of no climbing.  Had it been one or two more weeks I may have been motivated to continue going and working on arms but I think I need something more structured.  And no running yet.  This sprained ankle may soon result in heart disease.


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