The DapperDame Counts Down

3 more sleeps.  3 more 640am alarm clocks.  3 more days of work.  Then cheese, glorious cheese.  And possibly ice cream.  The meat part I’m not too worried about either way.  Right, and family.  You don’t realize how much you miss those crazy nuts until you haven’t seen them in FOREVER.  Since august for the parentals and since MARCH OF 2012 for the sibsters.  Friday evening flight to be reunited with JSLPA and then a fun-filled day wandering Toronto – my favourite city.  Sunday (mother’s day, how apt) and I’ll be in my hometown for 8 days.  The land of gnocchi and pizza and this girl isn’t going to let a little bit of veganism stand in her way.

Yes, I think I’ll continue eating plant-based at home (and out of home as much as possible) when I get back but no, I’m not going to obsess over it on my mini-vacation.  But to get me through this last week I finally experimented with some of my goal foods.

1) Ratatouille.  Not only does this dish have the most pleasing name but it also allows me to check off eggplant.  Boom, roasted.  Actually, baked.  It isn’t awful but I won’t be running around to three grocery stores again to pick a peck of the perfect aubergine.

2) Nutritional yeast.  It just sounds sad, doesn’t it?  Prior to this experiment I hadn’t heard of any yeast that isn’t for making dough rise but it is a vegan staple for imparting “cheesy” flavour onto various dishes.  This time it was added as a final texturizer in some very tasty tofu courtesy of Tyler (husband of ShanWow).  You honestly didn’t know tofu could be this good.  I’ll make it for you.

3) Weirdo vegan baking.  Check check.  Last week I baked a batch of beautiful black bean brownies that consisted of only 5 things:  black beans, dates, cocoa, vanilla and peanut butter.  No jokes.  Unless you count my made up icing of peanut butter, coconut oil and brown sugar.  The recipe is here and (assuming you have the right equipment) is just a tad time consuming and totally worth it.  I don’t have photos of my brownies but they actually looked almost identical to those on the link.  Bonus:  if you have a gluten free friend then offer these as a treat.

4) I-can-totally-believe-its-not-ice-cream. AKA dairy-free-coconut-ice-cream-substitute.  I’m a fan of Marble Slab (currently off-limits).  But companies will fight for my ice cream dollars and there are all kinds of alternatives from soy to hemp to this – coconut.  It seemed like the most promising choice (and had the prettiest packaging).  I had been eyeing this in the case at the organic grocers but, at $8 a pop for 476ml, it was difficult to justify.  Except yesterday – when it is 30 degrees out and $1.50 off I can easily be sold.  I went with my gut and got the cherry dream. Verdict:  not bad.  Not ice cream. The thick coconut flavour hits immediately and the texture is just a little too on the icy side (read: melted and refrozen ice cream).  If you’re serious about no ice cream ever again (ever) this might be enough to get you by.  Maybe I need to try the mocha fudge to be sure.


You’re so coy, coconut bliss.


Hipster radio cameo with my hippie dietary choices


Sad looking ratatouille.


Yam fries and tofu to round out the meal(s)

New Food Goals:

1) Use avocados.  Start with chocolate avocado pudding.

2) Daikon.

3) Vegan mac n’ “cheese”

4) Vietnamese salad rolls

Ankle news:  My physio is an old dude with an accent that places electrodes on my foot and leaves the room.  Oh well, it is Albertan tax dollars paying for it.  I do plan to find someone new who will actually give me things to do with my foot.  It is looking like 4 more weeks of no climbing, maybe 2-4 of no running.  This gal is feeling a little blue about it all.  At least I can be lazy at home!

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