The Dapperdame goes Raw?

Hardly. Don’t worry, raw is still too extreme for me.  Plus I would never give up hot chocolate.  Lukewarm chocolate is infinitely less appealing.  Some things are just tasty, though.  A few weeks ago Earth’s General Store had a surprise 15% off of everything in the store and I stumbled across it and right into the raw food aisle.  Although I wasn’t lured by dehydrators there were some bars recommended to me by a friend (Alive Bars).  And they were not lying – super tasty! And filling. And at almost $6 for a little box that is unfortunately where the sellers will now have customers saying “I can do this at home”.  Know why? Because it is all just raw stuff from the bulk barn put through a blender.  So I made my own.  Yes, it is likely that something I bought at the bulk barn was at some point heated above that magical enzyme-destroying temperature but I think I’ll live.



Just how easy was it? Ingredients: 1/3 nuts (I used walnuts and cashews – unsalted) and 1/3 dried fruit (apricots and dates) + a bit of unsweetened and shredded coconut + a dash of peanut butter

Soak the nuts beforehand for about an hour.
Pat them dry with a towel.
Put all of the lovely ingredients into a blender (I used a ninja) and blend until it is a paste.
Spread paste on a cookie sheet between two layers of parchment paper.
Let sit in fridge for a few hours.
Cut up and store.

They are just as good as the others and about half the price.  Next time I’ll try to ramp up the health factor (chia seeds?) or the richness factor (cocoa?) but overall they work just how they are.

And a fun little find at the farmers market became a hit at the work ice cream party as stewed rhubarb topping. That and a couchsurfer I hosted from Mexico had never heard of this strange but edible plant part.


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