The Dapperdame Rocks

Har har. It was that title or something about spider(wo)man. This was the weekend I have been anticipating for months; the culmination of the 10 week class for outdoor climbing that teaches participants how to confidently set anchors and rappels.  Even though we had practiced the skills at ground level or slightly above over and over it was time to test ourselves at real heights on real rock.  There was some shaking. Let’s just say, I was always sure to empty my bladder before a big climb.  Plus there was camping so it was a good thing spiderM had my back and packed all the important things like a tent and cooking supplies.  For growing up in a small town I sure can be a city girl.  Friday night we all drove down to Canmore, set up camp at Three Sisters campground in Deadman’s Flats and looked forward to the next day.

Saturday was Grassi Lakes, pocket rocks overlooking a teal mountain lake.  Despite a few spitting showers where we huddled against the wall with rain jacket hoods up it was mostly sunny.  That day I climbed 5.5, 5.8 and 5.9 and had an unsuccessful summit of a 5.10a.  Sunday had us hiking a half hour through Cougar Canyon to the House of Cards wall for slabbier rock with more interesting hand holds.  At first I was a little intimidated by the new rock but it was exciting to test gripping new holds and sending higher climbs.  Higher being 32 metres.  Now that is a view.  The element of fear is still there. A few times the images my brain kept sending me of anchors failing above my head nearly overwhelmed me and my confidence at the bottom was always less than at the top so I declined a few rappels I should have handled.  It is all a learning curve. Do I want to go again? Heck YES!

Here is a sampling of photos from the weekend.  Unfortunately I kept forgetting to get others to take pictures of me climbing so I have almost none of those.  But you get the idea.

Yes, that’s fresh coffee in the foreground. Drool.



Very thirsty climbers


I’m the orange thing on the rock in front of that lovely lake


Orange (not red) in the top left corner








Deep campfire discussions followed by ukelele sing-a-long


Prepping to climb in cougar canyon



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