The DapperDame does Pumpkins

When the leaves start to change and the temperature mellows I start to feel so much more Albertan. sometimes that means learning to shoot a gun, sometimes it means going to a small town pumpkin festival. This year was firearm free. This weekend we headed out to Smoky Lake for their annual pumpkin (and assorted gourd!) celebration. For a town of only 1000 people it sure knows how to turn it out. The whole downtown was flooded with hundreds of vintage cars. And not-so-vintage cars. Some locals felt the need to display their 1992 dodge pickups. I believe the cut off would be 1988 for the “vintage” label this year. Back to the story. Apparently Edmonton has its very own vintage hearse club. They good-naturedly fill the hearses with zombie babies and dress up in vampire costumes.

Not sold yet? Let’s see. A bakery selling goodies like pumpkin pie, pumpkin cinnamon buns and chocolate whoopie pies with pumpkin cream cheese filling.  Or would an adorable little museum complete with ukrainian handiwork, old school baby incubators and an asbestos fireman suit do the trick? A nice gentleman in his 80s kindly pointed out relics I would have walked right past like the little $2 piece of paper from the 1930s granting the holder licence to listen to a radio.

How about hay stacks? Surprisingly warm and soft. Dome-roofed ukrainian churches with melancholy old cemeteries?  Farmers market? Petting zoo for holding chickens, geese, goats and pot-belly pigs? Massive pumpkin weigh-offs and auction?

Of course I’ve saved the most epic for last. 200 foot crane + car + 800 lb pumpkin = crush + boom + splatter of wondrous reach. Watch out for next year!
















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