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The DapperDame does Injera (badly)

This gal loves ethiopian food but so far I’ve only ever eaten it at restaurants. With the other staples like indian or middle eastern I’ve managed to recreate a few recipes to get me by at home but injera has been a daunting task.  After finding some (pricey) teff flour at the bulk barn this weekend I decided to make it work. The recipe only included teff flour, water and some salt which was to then sit out on the counter for a few days. Since Saturday my batch of batter has been under-towel on the kitchen table looking not very exciting at all. That was, until I returned home from work today to a very yeasty odour in the dining room (ok, dining room “area”) and found the started all puffed up and bubblin’ with bacteria.  Mmmmm. That signalled time for cookin’.

So I grabbed both of my frying pans (the stick and the non) and poured on the batter – first in silver dollar-sized blobs and then gradually built up crepe-sized courage.  The problem: it turned out kinda gross. It has a slightly sour/tangy taste but the texture was entirely off. Crumbly (no good for scooping!) and dry on top, much more brittle and only an optical illusion of sponginess.  Some people online are saying I should have done a full 3 week sour dough starter and then gradually morphed it into a teff starter.  A lot of work when I don’t even have the true flat pancake maker thing. Maybe I should just work on the yummy yummy dishes and buy the dang injera (if I can find it here…).

If I try it again I’ll do a few things differently: let it sit another day to ferment; use a recipe that has some non-teff flour as well; potentially cook it at a higher heat.

Help! Has anyone made injera successfully in their very own kitchen?




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